About Dave Beavers

I’ve worked for fifteen years supporting municipal, state and federal renewable energy programs. My efforts have included advising over 100 community-based solar energy projects from initial technical and economic feasibility assessments, community outreach, financing, procurement, contractor selection, contract negotiations and installation quality assurance. Feasibility studies have included sizing and siting of arrays, zoning and permitting considerations, interconnection options, and financial projections using models developed to predict incentive (REC, SREC, grants) values, energy values including net metering credits, tax benefits and maintenance costs. Community outreach has included presentations to school, energy and other committees, planning boards, administrators and mayors as well as the interested public and other stakeholders. Contract negotiation support considered delegation of contract default and other project risk factors such as change-in-law provisions that could negate energy savings. Projects have been financed through bonds, grants, private sources, and power purchase agreements. In addition to direct support of community solar projects, I have helped develop and evaluate statewide programs to incentivize solar growth.