KISS – Keep It Simple for Solar

Sunesty Energy Catalysts is devoted to the KISS principle [1]: modified to read Keep It Simple for Solar. The growth in solar has been phenomenal, but unfortunately with this growth, the financial and regulatory complexity and risk associated with a project has also grown.

This approach starts with two questions about the proposed project.

1.       SCALE: What space is available (rooftops, parking lots, etc..) and what is the potential and energy generation from these candidate sites?

2.       OFFTAKERS: Who gets the energy benefits from the generation? Is it a single entity (e.g. municipality) or a larger community?

The answers to these questions can go a long way toward identifying the appropriate technologies, the ownership model, financing approach, interconnection points, timing, off-taker arrangements, procurement pathway and other details. More importantly, time dedicated to interesting, but in the end irrelevant, issues can be saved.

[1]”Keep It Simple, Stupid.” A term which simply indicates that the simplest solution or path should be taken in a situation. This principle can be applied to any scenario, including many business activities, such as planning, management, and development.

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